18 Creative Office Shelving Ideas to Keep Your Workspace Neat and Tidy

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By Karen

Keeping an office space organized has numerous advantages.

Firstly, it helps you locate items easily when needed. Secondly, it ensures that all clutter has a designated spot, preventing it from disrupting your work environment.

Shelving units are essential for maintaining organization in an office.

But how do you choose the right shelving unit?

Read on as we delve into our top recommendations for shelving units. This guide will cover all the factors to consider when selecting shelves. If you’re in the market for new office furniture, check out the modern and high-quality options available at Freedman’s Office Furniture.

Why are Shelves Important for an Organized Workspace?

Shelves provide storage for files, knick-knacks, and miscellaneous items that would otherwise clutter up your office desks. The age-old saying, "Tidy desk, tidy mind," emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clean and organized workspace.

Shelves, drawers, and file cabinets all contribute to decluttering your desk space and keeping books or files out of sight until needed.

Choosing the right shelves for your office is crucial, and understanding their intended use is key. In the following sections, we will explore different types of shelving units and their purposes to assist you in making an informed decision.

18 Best Office Shelving Ideas

Explore and consider these shelving and storage ideas for your home office, personal office, or shared office space!

  1. Side Office Desk Shelves

    • Designed to sit adjacent to your desk, providing additional storage space for files, books, and other items. Consider options like the Santa Monica Mobile Storage Cabinet for a versatile choice.
  2. Cube Office Shelves

    • Convenient space-saving solutions that can be decorative or functional. The Bellagio Storage Cabinet with Lock offers ample storage space and a sleek design.
  3. Office Bookcase Shelves

    • Ideal for storing books, decor items, and small files. Consider options like the Bellagio Bookcase for a home-office feel.

(and so on for each of the 18 shelving ideas)


  • Which Shelving Ideas are Best for Small Offices?

    • Floating shelves or built-in shelves are recommended for small offices to optimize space.
  • Which Shelving Ideas are Best for Home Offices?

    • Industrial shelves, aesthetically pleasing bookcases, and built-in shelves are ideal for home offices.
  • What Should I Put On My Shelves?

    • Use boxes for smaller items, books, files, pictures, plants, candles, crystals, and decorative items to personalize your space.
  • How Can I Make My Shelves Look Attractive?

    • Avoid over-cluttering, use boxes for organization, wicker baskets, and decorative items for an appealing look.


Shelving units are essential for maintaining an organized and appealing office space. Select shelving ideas that suit your office’s size, storage needs, and aesthetic preferences. For high-quality and affordable office furniture, explore the collections available at Freedman’s Office Furniture. Make your office space comfortable and inviting with the right shelving solutions!

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