5 Compelling Reasons Why Every Workplace Should Have a Deskside Shredder

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By Karen

In today’s digital age

It’s likely that the majority of your business happens online– sales, marketing, and intercompany communications. However, most businesses aren’t completely paper-free. You probably make hard copies of at least some of the information you deal with throughout the day, like invoices or important memos. While cybersecurity is receiving increasing attention to help businesses keep their information safe from hackers, important company information can still be obtained if the wrong person gets access to paper copies of important documents.

Incidents like this can happen

Incidents like this can happen within a company– if confidential information falls into the hands of the wrong person, or if private payroll or personnel information is forgotten at a printer. While it might not seem like a big deal now, these events can have serious consequences on any company. Here are our top five reasons why deskside shredders are a necessity for any office.

  1. They make life a little easier
    Investing in cybersecurity is essential, but document security should also be a major priority. While keeping meticulous track of all of your company’s documents and forms would be great, it’s not always achievable– especially when you have so many other things to deal with throughout the course of a day.

  2. They can help your company follow important laws
    Confidentiality is not just an issue when it comes to sensitive payroll information and interoffice memos. In some industries, it’s a legal requirement. The medical industry is a perfect example. Patient information must be protected under HIPAA– which means that leaving a document containing confidential patient information accessible to the wrong people puts you at risk of a lawsuit.

  3. They can protect your intellectual property
    Intellectual property is incredibly important for your company’s livelihood. You’ve worked hard within your industry to develop the ideas, products, and services that you offer– and if your confidential information falls into the wrong hands, your company’s profits might be at risk.

  4. They free up physical space
    In any office, it sometimes seems inevitable that the amount of important papers you need to keep on hand can become overwhelming. You might end up with shelves full of papers, taking up valuable space within your office that could be better used for more personnel or just to keep things a little more organized. Instead of filling up your shelves with piles of paper, consider scanning all of your important documents, backing them up in a few places to ensure their safety and security, and then shredding anything you don’t need to have on hand anymore.

  5. They can give your documents new life
    Utilizing a deskside shredder can actually be good for the environment! Rather than having piles and file cabinets of papers around the office, you can utilize your deskside shredder to destroy sensitive company documents. Then, you can recycle your shredded paper! If you’re a company that ships out products, shredded documents can even be used in place of packing materials, which can help you save a lot of money. At Central Business Equipment, we believe in obtaining maximum efficiency and organization within every office. Deskside shredders are an excellent way to help you achieve that. To speak with a representative about specific models, or to answer any questions you might have, please give us a call today!

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