The Complete Guide to Reception Desk Height and Dimensions

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By Karen

Importance of Choosing the Right Reception Desk

When someone visits your business premises, your reception desk is often the first thing they see. Seeing a run-down, damaged, or cluttered reception desk will give your clients a poor impression of your brand and work ethic.

Choosing a respectable reception desk for your office space is the key to solidifying your customers’ first impressions. But how do you know which reception desk to choose?

Keep reading as we explore why receptions are important and the factors to consider when choosing your new reception desk. At Freedman’s Office Furniture, we offer a variety of new office furniture to help you curate your space in line with your brand. Check out our collection of reception desks now to find your perfect match!

Importance of Reception Appearance

It Gives Clients and Partners an Excellent Impression

Cohesive decoration and a pleasant atmosphere in your reception area is the best way to subliminally indicate to your clients and partners that your business is trustworthy, reputable, and impressive.

Enhancing Business Brand

Your reception desk’s look is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your brand, ensuring your office decoration matches your brand colors, style, and design.

Importance of Height and Dimensions

Picking the right height reception desk is important to ensure your reception staff is comfortable and that your visitors can communicate with them easily. Here are the top considerations when choosing a reception desk for your company.

Standard Dimensions

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth

How To Choose the Best Reception Desk?

  • Size Area
  • Desk Style and Form
  • Material
  • Ergonomics and Functionality
  • Storage
  • Number of Receptionists
  • Location

Takeaway: Buying a reception desk isn’t as simple as it may seem—there’s lots to think about, ensuring your desk isn’t in the way and that it provides the functionality you need. Choosing an elegant desk that suits your interior layout well will create a better impression for your brand and make you seem more professional.

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