Top 10 L-shaped Desks for Your Office Setup in 2023

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By Karen

Importance of Choosing the Right Desk

Ensuring your office space is functional and comfortable supports your productivity and encourages a healthy workflow. Choosing the right desk is essential to ensuring your workspace meets your needs.

Benefits of L-Shaped Desks

L-shaped desks, or corner desks, combine two rectangular surfaces, creating an “L” shape. The unique structure of L-shaped desks provides ample room for many activities, including writing, typing, drawing, and so forth. L-shaped desks are also ideal work surfaces if your activities require various appliances, such as multiple monitors or gaming equipment.

What to Look for in an L-shaped Desk

When shopping for an L-shaped desk, it’s important to understand what features will best align with your individual requirements. This will help refine your search and ensure you welcome a functional desk into your workspace. Below are six L-shaped desk features to look out for:

  1. Material

    • Solid wood
    • Engineered wood
    • Metal
  2. Design

    • Aesthetics
    • Functional design features
  3. Size and Shape

    • Choose the right size and shape for your workspace
    • Ensure enough leg space and prevent overcrowding
  4. Adjustability

    • Opt for adjustable features for ergonomic comfort
  5. Portability

    • Consider desk portability for flexibility
  6. Storage Space

    • Additional storage features for organization and productivity

Best L-Shaped Desks

Explore some of the best L-shaped desks available in the market:

  1. Bellagio L-shaped Office Desk

    • Features ample storage space and a timeless engineered wood structure
  2. Carmel L-shaped Desk With White Modesty Panel

    • Combines longevity with style and affordability
  3. Bellagio Walnut L-shaped Desk

    • Sleek and modern design with ample storage space
  4. Santa Monica Office L-shaped Desk

    • Chic and versatile, with built-in drawers and a white glass modesty panel
  5. Santa Monica L-shaped Bullet Desk

    • Featuring a curvaceous “bullet” surface and built-in drawers
  6. Carmel Office L-shaped Desk

    • Timelessly classic design with ergonomic support
  7. Carmel L-shaped Office Desk

    • Offers a larger surface area for various tasks and equipment
  8. Carmel L-shaped Office Desk With Suspended Pedestals

    • Features suspended pedestals for extra storage space
  9. Santa Monica Executive L-shaped Desk

    • Contemporary design with a sleek and large pure white glass surface
  10. Bellagio Bow Front L-shaped Desk

    • Fortified with an engineered wood structure and essential features


  • Ideal Location for L-shaped Desk
    • Fits into any right-angled corner, can be placed by a window for a relaxing workspace
  • Utilizing L-shaped Desk for Gaming
    • Excellent for gaming, provides ample space for gaming essentials
  • Height of L-Shaped Desks
    • Varies depending on the type, can opt for adjustable height mechanisms


L-shaped desks offer a harmonious blend of functionality and space efficiency, catering to a diverse range of preferences. With various styles, materials, sizes, and special features available, L-shaped desks encourage productivity and physical well-being during tasks.

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