Essential Office Tools for an Effective and Efficient Work Environment

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Don’t underestimate the shredder

Shredders are a vital piece of office equipment for any business. They can help to protect sensitive information and even prevent identity theft. Nowadays, we spend so much time thinking about cybersecurity that we forget the importance of security for printed documents, too. Plus, shredders can help your business remain compliant with HIPAA regulations regarding sensitive patient information. Properly disposing of medical documents can even help your business avoid fines! Take a look at our selection of office shredders– we offer a wide variety of models with various features and levels of security.

Give scanners a second glance

When you picture a scanner, you might picture a bulky machine that takes up lots of desk or floor space– but scanners taking up all your desk space can definitely be a thing of the past. ScanSnap Document Scanners have a minimalistic footprint and allow you to quickly scan documents and save them to your device without any extra hassle. More traditional scanners can be incredibly useful, too– especially with all of the recent developments in image quality, cloud storage options, and more. Scanners are important when it comes to reducing paper clutter in the office and allowing you to keep documents organized and easily findable in your cloud storage system.

Take attendance

Employee attendance solutions have been around for a long time. While some tried-and-true models are still in use (sometimes you can’t beat simply punching a good old-fashioned time card!), there are many more sophisticated attendance solutions on the market today, too. For example, Acroprint Biometric Time & Attendance solutions make buddy punching and time theft a thing of the past, since they use facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or iris recognition to ensure that each employee’s time is tracked effectively.

The Multifunction Printer: All-in-One

Multi-function printers have come a long way in the past few years alone. Today, these machines are capable of printing high-quality, full-color photos, presentation materials, and flyers– even creating booklets and brochures at the touch of a button. Plus, they can scan, copy, fax, and save documents to your local or cloud storage. We offer a wide variety of multifunction printers, so you’re guaranteed to find one that’s perfect for your business’s unique needs.

Central Business Equipment: A One-Stop Shop

No matter what your business does, how many employees you have, or what your budget is, Central Business Equipment has the office equipment that’s perfect for you. We’re here to help you bring your office into 2023, allowing your employees to be as productive and efficient as possible every day. Give us a call or drop us a line today with any questions about our office equipment or leasing options!

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